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Pure nature pillow selection

A wonderful night’s sleep becomes an easy feat!

Choose a natural herbal pillow. Our pillows are filled with local alpine herbs. 100 % organically certified.

JUST LET GO – Herb pillow for a good night’s sleep
The precious combination of our tested “Sleep Well” blend of herbs and spelt husks ensures long-lasting volume for this pillow as well as a restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep – exactly as it should be while on holiday!
Filling: “Sleep Well” herbal blend consisting of lemon balm leaves, aromatic lavender flowers, hop cones & organic spelt husks.

MOUNTAIN FEELING – Mountain hay pillow
Organic mountain hay, gently dried by the mountain sun and made resistant by the rough climatic conditions in the high Alpine region, has many health benefits. Enjoy that health-promoting mountain feeling – from your bed!
Filling: Organic mountain hay from hand-mown pastures with natural grasses, flowers and herbs, blended with organic spelt husks.

DREAM YOURSELF FIT – Herbal pillow to help you recharge your batteries
Organic buckwheat hulls have an energizing effect on the connective tissue, promote blood circulation and have refreshing properties. This special blend of powerful herbs means that you will wake up refreshed and revitalized!
Filling: Energy-boosting herbal blend consisting of calendula, arnica, mountain thyme, horsetail, oat herb and mountains age, blended with organic buckwheat hulls.

KEEP THE RHYTHM – Stone pine/spelt pillow to slow down you heart rate
Stone pine, the queen of the Alps: Its fragrance helps you sleep and its health-promoting properties are proven to slow down your heart rate, thus supporting a restful night’s sleep.
Filling: High Alpine, sustainably grown stone pine flakes and organic spelt husks.

SWEET DREAMS – Millet/stone pine pillow to help with disrupted sleeping patterns
Its high content of essential minerals and trace elements make millet a particularly precious grain. Stone pine slows down the heart rate and has been proven to improve sleep.
Filling: High Alpine, sustainably grown stone pine flakes and organic millet.

SCENT OF A WOMAN – The pillow just for her
The perfect accessory for women of all ages: This special blend of herbs and the delicate feel of the soft millet hulls make for a perfectly relaxed night’s sleep.
Filling: Organic millet hulls and an aromatic blend composed especially for women’s needs: jasmine and rose petals to celebrate the essence of womanhood, lady’s mantle – a herb traditionally celebrated for its powerful benefits for female health – as well as verbena, another traditionally “female” herb.

RESTFUL THOUGHTS – The pillow for busy executives
Do you carry a lot of responsibility? Are you a decision maker? Do you find it difficult to switch off come bedtime? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this pillow might be the right one for you.
Filling: Special herbal blend with relaxing properties – wood betony to keep stressful dreams a bay, thyme to restore your body’s natural strength and to reinforce self-confidence, mint to clear the mind and wave off anxiety, slavia to help you settle during the nights and organic spelt husks and stone pine flakes to soothe the entire cardiovascular system.