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Warmth is the key to success

Bänklialp is surrounded by the beauty of the nature of central Switzerland.

Your vacation at Bänklialp will be an experience for adults and for children. Culinary surprises, such as Swiss specialities, sweet temptations accompanied by premium wines will be served here.

All this will be surrounded by an evening with traditional Swiss music. Every Saturday we have live music for our guets.

Even sleeping will be an experience at Bänklialp. Here you can sleep „à la carte“. A wonderful night’s sleep becomes an easy feat because of the power of nature filled in a pillow.

Impressive moments are guaranteed at Bänklialp. It’s a place to celebrate, feel good, to be together, enjoy and relax. Pure Swissness, from dawn till dusk.

News about and from the Bänklialp

The best things in Engelberg happen here – at our hotel!

Music programme

Music programme

Bänklialp is the meeting point for traditional music in Engelberg.
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